The Bird life of Natureworld and surrounds

There are many species of bird at Natureworld both in aviaries and wild in the lagoons and parkland.  You will be greeted by Charlie and Tilly, our Sulphur-crested cockatoos, who love to have a conversation as you walk by. Enjoy a close encounter with Raol our gentle sweet Yellow-tailed black cockatoo in one of the 3 large walk-through aviaries. The aviaries house many species of parrot and pheasant, including Major Mitchells Cockatoo, Gang-gang cockatoo, Long-billed Corella, Regent and Superb parrot, Indian Ringnecks, Mulga parrot, Eclectus parrot, King parrot, Eastern Rosella and the list goes on!  
The diverse habitat found at Natureworld is ideal for attracting a wide range of wild birds with the park area recording 120 species in the last twelve months. If you’re a keen bird watcher the diversity will surprise you.


Latest news

Eastern Quoll Success Story

This beautiful young eastern quoll has six joeys hanging out of her pouch. There is a funny story behind this female. She and her brother were found in a local supermarket when it was noticed packages of meat were going missing from the display freezer. The opportunistic youngsters after being weaned from their mother must have found a way into the building where they made themselves at home. This successful breeding is a contribution towards the Tasmanian quoll breeding program operated by several wildlife sanctuaries. Her offspring will likely be going to the worthy cause of re-establishing this species in the wild on mainland Australia.

Successful Tasmanian devil breeding

We are pleased to announce the insurance population of Tasmanian devils held at Natureworld have produced 15 pouched young this season.  This is a fantastic boost to the number of devils secure from the deadly facial tumor disease.  These babies are important genetic contributors to the future of this endangered species.