Devil World

Devil world was created as an educational yet fun information centre to increase the awareness of the Tasmanian devil.  Not only can you get up close and personal with the devils there is also an interpretation centre, dedicated to the Tasmanian devil. 
Test your skills & knowledge in the interactive activities; learn about the fatal disease which is spreading through the wild population of devils and for those that are interested there is a poo bar, with a selection of our native droppings.   The activities are not just for kids, big kids enjoy themselves too.
What can you see and understand about the bush?

How long is a devil pregnant?

How many babies do devils have? You’ll be surprised at the answers!

Keeper Chris with one of our very cute young devils.

The board walk around the large enclosures at Devil world

Devil world is filled with interactive games and information.

Latest news

Eastern Quoll Success Story

This beautiful young eastern quoll has six joeys hanging out of her pouch. There is a funny story behind this female. She and her brother were found in a local supermarket when it was noticed packages of meat were going missing from the display freezer. The opportunistic youngsters after being weaned from their mother must have found a way into the building where they made themselves at home. This successful breeding is a contribution towards the Tasmanian quoll breeding program operated by several wildlife sanctuaries. Her offspring will likely be going to the worthy cause of re-establishing this species in the wild on mainland Australia.

Successful Tasmanian devil breeding

We are pleased to announce the insurance population of Tasmanian devils held at Natureworld have produced 15 pouched young this season.  This is a fantastic boost to the number of devils secure from the deadly facial tumor disease.  These babies are important genetic contributors to the future of this endangered species.